The Officiating Hour – Mondays 6-7pm on SportsTalk

Each week during the football season, SEC Replay Official Gerald Hodges joins us to talk college football rules & officiating with John & Jimmy on SportsTalk Mondays from 6 to 7pm during the football season on Sports Radio WNML. He will help us to clear up officiating questions that surface from college football games. You won’t find a resource or a hour like like this anywhere else but on Sports Radio WNML.

During the hour, call us with your rules and officiating questions at 656-9900, 866-656-9900. *Star 990 is a free call for AT&T and US Cellular customers. Listen in East Tennessee on FM 99.1 & AM 990, and the WNML app powered by Big Kahuna Wings.

Hear the podcast of the entire hour each week right here.



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