Patriots win #SBLIII 13-3 over Rams; see all SB records set or tied, coaches’ quotes

Below are records and quotes directly from NFL Communications.


Compiled By Elias Sports Bureau

Patriots vs. Rams at Super Bowl 53 in Atlanta / Credit: WNML Staff


Most Games – 9, Tom Brady

Most Games, Winning Team – 6, Tom Brady

Oldest Starting QB, Winning Team – 41, Tom Brady

Most Games, Head Coach – 9, Bill Belichick

Most Games, Winning Team, Head Coach – 6, Bill Belichick

Oldest Head Coach, Winning Team – 66, Bill Belichick

Most Passes, Career – 392, Tom Brady

Most Completions, Career – 256, Tom Brady

Most Passing Yards, Career – 2838, Tom Brady

Longest Punt – 65 yards, Johnny Hekker

Most Games, Team – 11, New England

Fewest Points, Game, Both Teams – 16, New England (13) vs. L.A.Rams (3)

Fewest Points, Game, Winning Team – 13, New England

Fewest Points Through 3 Quarters, Both Teams – 6, New England (3) vs. L.A.Rams (3)

Fewest Touchdowns, Game, Both Teams – 1, New England (1) vs. L.A.Rams (0)

Fewest PATs, Game, Both Teams – 1, New England (1) vs. L.A.Rams (0)

Fewest Kickoff Returns, Game, Both Teams – 2, New England (1) vs. L.A.Rams (1)

Most Consecutive Drives Ending With A Punt, Game, Team – 8, L.A.Rams


Most Field Goals, Career – 7, Stephen Gostkowski

Most Receptions, First Half – 7, Julian Edelman

Most Punt Returns, Career – 8, Julian Edelman

Most Games Won, Team – 6, New England

Fewest Points, Game, Team – 3, L.A.Rams

Fewest Touchdowns, Game, Team – 0, L.A.Rams

Most First Downs By Penalty, Game, Team – 4, New England

Fewest Touchdowns, Passing, Game, Both Teams – 0, New England vs. L.A.Rams

Fewest Fumbles Lost, Game, Both Teams – 0, New England vs. L.A.Rams


(opening statement) “First off, congratulations to the Patriots. They did a great job. Coach [Bill] Belichick did an outstanding job. There is really no other way to put it. I’m pretty numb right now, but definitely, I got out-coached. I didn’t do nearly good enough for our football team. The thing that is so tough about all of this is the finality to it. Usually, you get a chance – if you go through some adversity, you can bounce back right away. This one is going to stick with you and it just stings in your gut. Like I said, I’m still kind of numb right now, but I have so much love for these players and these coaches. That is where it really eats at you because you feel like you didn’t do your part to help them achieve success. But one of the things that you can’t say enough about is just the resolve of this football team. I loved the way they continued to compete. I love these players and coaches and that is the motivation to get back to work and try to do right for them.”


(on what is to learn from this experience) “I think the value of experience is something, this is a humbling game. When you go look back and you look at every single game, you get a chance to learn from it. Certainly, they did some things specific to what they had shown where they did a great job mixing it up a little bit on defense. I thought our defense did a nice job, but they were able to make some plays here and there. You see why they are a great football team. At the end of the day, you can always learn. Certainly, this is going to be a very humbling tough one that you learn from, but you have to demonstrate that mental toughness you talk about and that is all I know how to do.”


(on if RB Todd Gurley II is healthy) “Yes, he is. Really, I never enabled us to get into a rhythm offensively. We didn’t have any third down conversions really the whole first half. They did a good job, and it seemed like every time we had a little bit of a positive play, we would end up having a penalty or move ourselves back. I think a lot of it was a result of some things they did, but also, the play selection. I was not pleased at all with my feel for the flow of the game and kind of making some adjustments as the game unfolded and giving ourselves a chance to have some success and put some points on the board. Credit to them. They did a good job and I certainly didn’t do good enough for us. Todd is healthy, and we just didn’t really get a chance to get anybody going today offensively and that starts with me.”


(On New England’s defensive line stunts) “They have done a good job with that – with the stunts and different things. They mixed it up. They played almost exclusively some man coverage principles and decided to take away—really in the early downs, all they ended up was playing some single high buzz structures and some quarters principles. Third down, they had their designers and things like that. They did a great job. It was a great game plan. There is no other way to say it, but I got outcoached.”


(On QB Jared Goff’s struggles) “Until I go back and look at the tape, it is really hard to say. I think the biggest thing is that the play selection didn’t really give him much of a chance. I think it starts with me, and that is where you have to look back and see what are the things that we can do to be better for our players and then what can the players do better to execute. Those will be the things that we look at.”


(On QB Jared Goff being emotional about his fourth quarter interception) “I think he has such high expectations for himself that he wanted to make a play there. I thought he made some great throws to get us down in position, and they ended up zeroing us in the high red [zone] and that was something that they had done. The play clock was ticking down and he kind of threw it off of his back foot. [Stephon] Gilmore ended up making a nice play right there. Those are the things that you just say, ‘What can you continue to do as a coach to try and put your players in better spots to have success?’ What you love about Jared is the first thing that he does is he works inwardly, and he is a great competitor and I love the way that he continued to compete till the end.”


(On tough back-to-back games for Todd Gurley II) “I actually think it is more of a result of the kind of opportunities he had. I don’t want to (beat) a broken record, but the reality is that we didn’t get a lot of plays off in general until you kind of get into some of those known passing situations towards the end and it seemed like we did end up having success—I thought the holding call was a really tough one for us. We had a good drive going, Todd makes a nice cutback run on a tight zone, and then it puts us at first-and-20. Those kinds of plays seem like they continuously presented themselves throughout the night and it never really enabled us to get in a rhythm. That was really tough.”


(on preparing for Bill Belichick’s defense) “He did a great job. There is really no other way to put it. The Patriots coaches did an outstanding job putting their guys in positions and then the players did a great job executing. They definitely changed it up with what they had done over the past couple of weeks, especially when you look at some of the things that enabled them to have success against the Chargers and against the Chiefs. They still played some front structures that we anticipated and they did an excellent job with it. When [Patrick] Chung went out, they ended up playing a little bit more of a base defense just based on the personnel groups we were presenting. Their coverage principles were definitely mixed compared to what they put on tape. They did a great job, and it is something that I’m disappointed that I didn’t do a better job of adjusting in the framework of the game. That is one of the things that makes them great.”


(on why they couldn’t get the ball to RB Todd Gurley II in the passing game) “There was some different situations. You could always look back. Certainly, that is going to be something I’m sure I’ll say, ‘I wish I could have got him more involved.’ We could have thrown him the ball, but in a lot of instances you know you are saying, ‘OK, we are keeping our run-pass balance.’ When you do decide to activate some throws, what are the ones that give us the best chance to have success while not putting us in a position of where you are getting those pick-stunts and different things like that if you still want to keep that regularity? The film is always a good chance to go back and look at it, and I know there is a handful of decisions that I am going to want back for sure.”


(on what QB Jared Goff can learn from this) “I think the biggest thing is just being able to go back and look at the tape and then answer that. I think the thing that he is going to continue to learn from is the experience he has gained and what a good job he has done negotiating some of the things that we want to do better. Also, demonstrating that mental toughness and what an elite competitor he is—you continue to love what he is about, and I think this game will serve as a great opportunity for us to all learn from. I know I definitely have a lot to learn from this one.”


(on the Rams’ defensive effort) “I thought they did an outstanding job. Really, you can’t say enough about the effort. The defensive coaches put together a great plan. I thought the players played with urgency and awareness and great concentration throughout the game. That is a really tough offense, and they did a nice job presenting a variety of different looks. They made some plays in crunch time right there, but I really love the way our defense competed. That is where as somebody that feels like you are responsible for the offense for putting up more points and doing a better job – that is where I really feel I let our team down today, because of the way our defense played.”


(Opening statement) “I’ll start out by saying I’m proud of our football team, coaching staff, this entire organization. These guys worked so hard all year going all the way back to the offseason program in April and just grinding it out day after day. Players would come in, they worked extremely hard. We had our ups and downs over the course of the year. In the biggest moments when we had to play our best football and compete the hardest, they did it. Can’t say enough about them, the coaching staff, Brian Flores and Josh McDaniels, Jerry (Schuplinski) and all the rest of the staff. Certainly their conditioning helps us prepare. The strength and conditioning staff, they all did a great job. It was a great team win and jut extremely proud of everybody and obviously couldn’t do it without all of them. They’re the ones that really deserve the credit. The players went out there and competed against a great football team. I have a ton of respect for Sean (McVay), his staff and the Rams football team. That’s a great team and we knew it was going to be as hard a competition as we had all year. Just happy to come on top, out on top and had a few more plays we were able to make there.”


(On how the team responded after two losses in December) “Great. They came in, we tried to correct some of the things we did wrong. 15 penalties in Pittsburgh. You don’t win many games doing that. We got some things straightened out there and played well in the next two games against Buffalo and the Jets, which enabled us to get into the playoffs and to get a bye in the first round. These guys, they’re competitors. When things don’t go well, they take it hard, but they have a resolve to come back and try to fix it and get it right and get it better. It was like that after the Tennessee game. It was like that after the Detroit game. Jacksonville, Detroit. We had a couple stretches like that here, really. I always felt good about where we were, but we just kept grinding, kept playing and things and got it done.”


(On the connection between QB Tom Brady and WR Julian Edelman today) “That was a big part of us moving the ball and certainly Tom’s two big plays to Rob (Gronkowski) on the touchdown drive, on the play-action and hitting him down the seam. That was some great play-calling by Josh (McDaniels) and great execution by Tom and Rob. Julian always gives us those kinds of plays – tough plays, tough catches, catch-and-run plays, breaking tackles for a few extra yards, third down. He did a tremendous job. Our backs made a lot of plays – Sony (Michel), Rex (Burkehead) – especially there at the end were able to change field position. Steve (Gostkowski) made a big kick there to make it a 10-point lead. Offensive line, you can’t say enough about those guys. That’s a good front they were blocking. We were able to move the ball, we just weren’t able to score very many points. We couldn’t sustain drives and get into the red area or get into the end zone in the first three quarters. Again, that’s a credit to their defense. It wasn’t like we couldn’t move the ball. It just didn’t show up on the scoreboard.”


(On whether there was a feeling the team would breakthrough when they were not scoring points) “I think the real key breakthrough came when Josh (McDaniels) went to the—McDaniels made a great adjustment. We talked about that on the sideline. We went to a two tight-end offense, but we spread them out. We were able to complete some passes to Julian (Edelman) and then to Rob (Gronkowski) at the goal line to score. It was really well executed. Not something we had, I’d say anticipated doing a lot in this game. We did it against Kansas City, but it was kind of right time, right situation. We had good protection to be able to make those throws. Tom (Brady) did a great job getting the ball to the open guy. That was a great throw he made to Gronkowksi to get it down to the 2-yard line. Josh McDaniels did an – as usual – did an outstanding job of play calling and eventually finding things that worked and made some big drives for us. Running game at the end, we were able to knock out a couple of big runs when we were backed up and then really got the ball back until we had the 10-point lead.”


(On the defensive keys) “Team defense. There is not one guy that can stop the Rams. They have too many good players, too many explosive guys and they’re too well coached. We played the run competitively. I felt we rushed the passer competitively. I thought we covered competitively. We didn’t give up big plays, which they hit on everybody. We for the most part kept the ball in front of us and force them to execute a solid number of plays to move the ball. Eventually, we were able to get some stops. I thought our third-down defense was competitive. Those shortened some drives and got us off the field. Our kicking game was really good, too. I don’t know how many times we pinned them inside the 10-yard line. That was at least three. The field position we had, (Patriots K) Steve (Gostkowski) gave us a couple big touchbacks. That helped our defense out, too. They were on the field several times [pinned deep].”


(On the effort from CB Jason McCourty to break up a potential touchdown) “We had two mistakes in coverage in that series. That was a tremendous play. That was a tremendous effort, a great play on the ball. We had several good pass breakups in there. Of course, (Stephon) Gilmore’s play on the blitz, going up and high-pointing the ball and took it away for the interception was another huge one. Jason McCourty, that was a tremendous play. It was (Rams WR Brandin) Cooks standing there fair-catching the ball in the end zone (laughter). McCourty came out of nowhere to make the play. It was a tremendous play.”


(On the Patriots organization) “We have a lot of great people in the organization. It starts at the top with Robert (Kraft) and his family. He’s given us great support in all the things we need to do to be competitive. Again, we have a great group of players and coaches that work extremely hard to compete the best we can. Happy that things worked out for us this year and we were able to be the best team in football this season. That’s hard to be in this league, but these guys earned it.”







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