The Gentlemen’s Hour: Episode 3

It’s a laid back, cigar smokin’ and beer drinking 60 or so minutes of sports talk. Gentlemen’s Hour with The First Quarter’s Tyler Ivens and Eric Cain hits the website each and every Wednesday to talk Tennessee Football and the hottest topics in sports.  Join in on the fun by reaching out on Twitter at @TylerIvens and @_Cainer.

(10.10.18) Episode 3 of the podcast previews the Auburn game and who would be more fun in a bar: Pruitt or Malzahn — the Braves and the rest of postseason baseball as well as some fantasy football  talk with story time from Tyler. Al this from John Stancil’s Park City Cigar in The Old City.

Tyler Ivens & Eric Cain – WNML Personalities / Credit: Staff Photos



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