Tennessee Football Player Media Availability Quotes (Oct. 9)

Daniel Bituli – Vols LB / Credit: WNML Staff

Junior LB Daniel Bituli

On his chance to see JJ Peterson practice:
“I see JJ all the time. We text. We talk all the time. He is eager to learn about the game of football and those are the type of guys we need. We are really excited to have him here. When he gets things going, we will be glad to have him out there on the field.”

On how Jeremy Pruitt has maybe changed since he has been here:
“He really has not changed. He is the most consistent coach that I have probably ever met. He is as tough as any coach I have ever seen. He preaches the same thing over and over again. You can tell each and every day he is staying the same. He wants tough guys out there on the field and he preaches that every day.”

On getting confidence and playing good football:
“Coach Pruitt emphasized at the beginning of the season that we are going to go through adversity and we are going to face it. This is football. It is a sport as a whole and for us to be able to face adversity and stand firm to it, I think that’s the biggest defensive attribute we have as a team.”

Junior DB Baylen Buchanan

On Auburn quarterback Jarrett Stidham:
“He has an arm. He can launch the ball. He is more of a traditional quarterback compared to what they have had in the past. He can run the ball. It does not alarm us, but yes he can use his feet too.”

On Auburn’s quick tempo play style:
“We just have to pay attention to the details. Obviously, conditioning is going to play a big factor in this game because of their tempo. They come out in a lot of different looks that we have not seen before. We have to pay attention in practice and execute every play.”

On the defense’s improvement since Week 1:
“I think that our fight (is a big improvement). We are not giving up. We keep fighting for 60 minutes. I feel like we need to get better at tackling and getting off the field on third downs.”

Redshirt Senior DL Alexis Johnson

On what the team worked on during the bye week:
“We worked on fundamentals and everything. We worked a little on Auburn, but mostly fundamentals and getting better as players.”

On the team’s biggest area of improvement:
“I think that we have improved in a lot of ways. It just depends on how you look at it. I think that the biggest thing that we have improved on is coming together and playing as a team.”

On the defense getting more comfortable with the scheme:
“We are more comfortable with the scheme because we have been in it longer. It just comes with time and we have to keep repping it.”

Redshirt Junior OL Drew Richmond

On the offensive line play so far this season:
“We haven’t played up to standard. I feel like we’ve improved. We’ve been getting a lot better. I fee like we’ve had some good games where we’ve had 200, 300 rushing yards, but we’ve just got to continue to protect the quarterback. We can’t let Jarrett [Guarantano] take a lot of hits. We’ve got to continue to strain and get better, but there’s a lot of room for improvement. We’ve just got to keep getting better until the season ends.”

On where he has improved and continuing to build team chemistry:
“It’s just a constant improvement, just trying to do anything I can to help the team, to benefit the team. It’s just constant improvement. We all just have to keep working together to bond and just get the chemistry going, just have that chemistry as a team. That’s where we need to continue to develop.”

On the offensive line has dealt with having to shuffle guys around:
“It’s something you just want to have for our guys together, but that’s the point of a team. Everybody has to be able to step up when their number is called. That’s kind of what we’re looking for, our guys have got to step up and do better, everybody has got to continue to do better when your number is called. That’s what you want, an opportunity, so we just got to keep building.”

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