Casting ‘Tennessee: The Dave Hart Era’

Sports 180 had its traditional Tennessee sports movie casting on Wednesday.

The idea is pretty simple: When a key figure leaves the Tennessee athletic department, we cast the movie of the major players from that time period.

Dave Hart’s tenure as the athletic director at Tennessee ended on Friday, which meant it was time for another casting call.

As always, we allowed ourselves an unlimited budget. And as always, we cast ourselves into the movie. After all, it’s our “movie.”

Many thanks to the listeners for your suggestions. They sure kept us entertained.

Here’s the cast for “Tennessee: The Dave Hart Era” as it stands today. It always remains subject to change. (Click each actor’s name for his or her IMDB bio.)

Dave Hart – George Hamilton

Mike Hamilton – Rick Moranis

John Currie – Johnny Knoxville

Butch Jones – Michael Rooker

Derek Dooley – Ty Burrell

Cuonzo Martin – Dennis Haysbert

Bruce Pearl – Lou Ferrigno

Rick Barnes – Kevin Costner

Jimmy Cheek – Dan Aykroyd

Beverly Davenport – Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Pat Summitt – Meryl Streep

Holly Warlick – Jane Lynch

Joe DiPietro – Mandy Patinkin

Charlie Strong – Titus O’Neill

Lane Kiffin – Daniel Tosh

Josh Richardson – Michael B. Jordan

Tyler Bray – Justin Timberlake

Erik Ainge – John Malkovich

Josh Ward – Josh Ward (Jim Carrey as Lloyd Christmas also suggested)

Will West – Will West (Jeff Daniels as Harry Dunne also suggested)



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