Want To Play In The NFL? Don’t Play In The Big12

If you’re a high school player that wants to make it to the National Football League, the Big XII has always been a safe bet. Texas. Oklahoma. Even Oklahoma State, Baylor and TCU have turned out player after player to the league. But no more.

Cole Cubelic of the SEC broke down the numbers of player invited to participate in the 2017 NFL Combine. These are the players that NFL scouts and management consider to be NFL-caliber athletes. And the numbers say if you want to play in the NFL, you should run far, far from the Big XII:

As you would expect based on results the last couple of seasons, the SEC and ACC lead the way in total selections to the NFL Combine, though not by a wide margin over their brethren in the BigTen and Pac 12. What is stunning is how low the number for the Big 12 actually is.

The Dallas Morning News broke down the Big XII numbers by school and had a full wrap-up on the story:




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